About Us

Area Served

Tropical Newfoundland presently only serves the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland, but will soon be expanding to cover the entire Province and further a field.

What sets us apart

We ensure that our fish are locally bred OR quarantined and therefore disease free, and already acclimated to the local water conditions. We provide good competitive prices and complete replacement guarantees on all of our fish for the first 48 hours after delivery.
We are a Newfoundland based company that wants to meet our customers face to face on a regular basis. We desire to meet their needs in aquarium fish as best as possible. Our stock are disease free and have far less stress than any fish brought onto the Island from elsewhere, ensuring their survival and health. We will be happy to provide guarantees on the fish. Extra information on the care and upkeep of these fish can be found on the other pages of this web site.
We have been servicing aquariums ever since the 1970's, and presently have more than 50 aquariums of more than 30 gallons each currently running at our location. We also are currently servicing both saltwater and freshwater aquariums for customers  in the St John's/Mt Pearl/Gould's/C.B.S/Holyrood/Bay Robert's  area.

Our Policies

We take pride in our fish. We guarantee that they are disease free, and from good breeding stock. We will do our best to provide the types of fish that our customers require, in good health, and at reasonable costs.
We guarantee live delivery, as well as good health for the first 24-48 hours after they have arrived at their destination providing that they have received the care they require. We will also supply a pamphlet that outlines the care that each species requires.
All shipments made within Canada ( and outside of our normal delivery area ) will be done through the Express Parcel of Canada Post. This service guarantees that the parcel will arrive in any major Canadian centre before 5 p.m. on the business day following shipment.


David Tutton

David is the Owner/Operator of Tropical Newfoundland. He has been keeping and breeding Tropical Aquarium fish as a hobby ever since 1972. He has kept fish in Canada, the United Kingdom and in India, where he has also collected them from the wild.



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