Angel Fish - Pterophyllum scalare

    Angelfish, of which there are three types ; Pterophyllum scalare, Pterophyllum altum and Pterophyllum leopoldi, are members of the Cichlid family and come from the waters of South America.
    They are a fairly peaceful cichlid, and unlike other cichlids do not damage the plants in the aquarium. They are carnivorous in nature however, and therefore should not be housed with fish that are much smaller than themselves. Baby Guppies are a favourite food, and even small Neon Tetras will be consumed by angels. They do accept dried flake food, but some live food in their diet is not only appreciated but will certainly improve their health.
    Angelfish are egg-layers that carefully place their eggs on large leaved plants, slate, or even the aquarium glass, and then protect the eggs, and fry from potential danger. This is fascinating to watch, but with up to 800 eggs being laid, you must ensure that you are prepared to provide plenty of room for the young to grow. The young should be fed on newly hatched brine shrimp as they are too small to accept much else, and these brine shrimp help the young to grow at a fast rate.
    The water temperature should be kept between 24-28C ( 75-82F ), it should be soft and acid with a pH of approximately 6.5.
    These majestic looking fish are easily the most kept species in the aquarium world.


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