Australian Rainbowfish

Melanotaenia fluviatilis

Originating in the Murray-Darling river systems of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia, it prefers medium hard water that is well oxygenated. This fish likes a temperature range of 20 - 25 C ( 68 - 77 F ) and a good flow of water.

The Australian Rainbowfish also requires frequent partial water changes to remain healthy, whereupon it will attain a length of about 4 inches.

It eats flake foods and all kinds of live and frozen foods as well.

It is fairly easy to breed, laying about 150 - 200 eggs that hang by threads from the plants like Christmas Tree ornaments. The eggs are sensitive to light however.

This fish is often used in a group as a target fish or dither fish in African Cichlid aquariums because they are fast enough to avoid the larger fish and tough enough to withstand the occasional hit, which alleviates the aggression in such a tank.


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