Black Mollies - Poecilia sphenops

    Black Mollies ( the name "Molly" comes from its previous scientific name "Mollienesia") come from South and Central America. That is to say that their original forms were from there as the black variety is a hybrid that first appeared in 1909.
    The black molly is a very peaceful fish that is vegetarian in nature, although it does like some live food ( mosquito larvae etc. ) occasionally.
    This fish needs water temperatures of 26 - 30 C ( 79-86 F ). It also likes hard alkaline water ( pH 7.5 - 8.2 ) to which a little salt has been added.
    Providing that there is plenty algae and live plants to feed on, and the water requirements are adhered to this fish can breed prolifically.
    It was this fish that got me interested in breeding fish from the beginning. I brought home two black mollies from the pet store in a little plastic bag, and on the way home the female produced about 30 babies, from then on I have been fascinated with breeding fish. ( I was only about 8 years old at the time). It was also this fish that finally got my Mother's attention as it contrasted so well with the green plants, the red swordtails and the fancy guppies. My Mother was so impressed that I finally got my wish and got an aquarium for Christmas.
    I highly recommend this fish for the beginner.


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