Black Neons

Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi


    The Black Neon comes from South America and is not related to the Neon Tetra.  It is a little more demanding in its conditions than the Neon Tetra. It prefers peat filtered water but not necessarily soft water. The water should be kept at a temperature between 23- 27C ( 73 - 81 F ), and the pH should be between 5.5 and 7.5.  The base of the aquarium should be of a dark colour.
    It is a schooling fish that should be kept in a group of not less than 6 individuals, in water with a definite flow.
    This fish will eat flaked food, but prefers a fair bit of live food such as mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and daphnia.
    This is a lovely little fish that really adds character to an aquarium.

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