Corydoras Catfish

There are hundreds of types of Corydoras Catfish, many have still not yet been officially identified and named by scientists yet. All of these fish come from South America, and they are lively, peaceful, schooling fish that in the wild travel in groups of thousands of individuals, therefore they should never be kept in groups of less than five or six individuals in an aquarium.

Many species of Corydoras that are kept in aquariums have now been bred in captivity. These fish generally are not fussy about their water conditions as long as it is clean and partial water changes are done regularly. They do prefer slightly soft, acidic water and plenty of cover, e.g. caves, plants etc.

These fish love live food, and when that is not available they enjoy frozen blood worms, brine shrimp etc. They do eat flakes and tablet and pellet foods designed for bottom dwellers. I recommend that you feed these fish just as you are turning off the light at night as they will have a better chance of getting the food while the other aquarium inhabitants sleep.

As there are so many species covered under the heading "Corydoras" I will not attempt to give water temperatures etc here.

The photos on this page are just some of the species I have kept and bred in my own tanks.

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