Fancy Guppies - Poecilia reticulata

  Male Guppy                                                                    Female Guppy

     Guppies were originally from the Caribbean Islands and Northern South America, but they have been introduced to tropical waters worldwide in an effort to curb or eradicate mosquitoes and other insects that are responsible for the spread of diseases like Malaria. Guppies are live bearers, and being so colourful, easily bred, and prolific in numbers they have been domesticated and bred into many different forms.
    They will adapt to many different water conditions, but do best in hard, alkaline water to which a little non-iodised salt is added. The best temperatures to keep these fish in is between 18-28 C (64-82 F).
    Guppies are omnivorous, but must have a varied diet of vegetable matter and proteins (preferably live food) in order to breed successfully. I like to make sure that the aquarium is heavily planted with living plants. This not only provides vegetation for them to munch on, but also a refuge for the fry to hide in from their parents when newly born.
    Guppies are peaceful fish, easily kept, and beautiful to look at, but I do not recommend that you keep them in the same tank as Siamese Fighting Fish or Tiger Barbs as these fish will enjoy tearing pieces out of the guppies long fins.
    Guppies are usually one of the first fish that aquarists keep, and do very well in a community aquarium.
Due to severe inbreeding of this species to develop the many fancy strains that now exist, these fish are no longer as tough and forgiving in their requirements as they once were.

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