Leopard danios - Brachydanio frankei

    The Leopard Danio is not found in the wild at all. It is believed to be a cross between the Zebra Danio ( Brachydanio rerio ) and possibly the Spotted Danio ( the Brachydanio nigrofasciatus )although this is also much in question. Regardless of its origins it is a beautiful little fish that is very lively and peaceful towards its tank mates. It is much like its close relative the Zebra Danio in its requirements, not fussy about its water properties, but liking clear flowing water. It too likes to be kept in a small group of not less than six, and loves live food although it will accept anything small enough to go into its mouth.
    The water temperature should be kept between 18-24 C (64-82 F) for optimum health.
    The Leopard Danio is an egg layer, but like its relative the Zebra Danio, will readily devour its own eggs unless they are protected. This fish will breed easily, and when the eggs are protected from the parents, proves to be very prolific.
    I recommend this fish for a community aquarium, and for beginners and experts alike.

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