Links to "Fish" web sites from around the World.

Here is a list of web sites that relate to tropical fish, tropical fish keeping, breeding of tropical fish, feeding of tropical fish, aquarium designs, aquarium magazines etc that I think are worth looking at. If you would like to suggest a few more that should be added to this list please e-mail me with their web address.

This section is still being put together with up to date web addresses. Anyone who would like to suggest their favourite pages for admission here are encouraged to do so. You can contact me by clicking on the link below. Also if any of these links no longer work, please let me know so that I can delete them from this page. Thank You.

Canadian Fish Breeders
West Coast Aquatics
B.C. Betta

Aquarium Designers
West Coast Aquarium Industries
The Aquatic Design Centre

Online Pet Supplies in Canada
Big Als
Mayer's Pet Shop
Online Pet Supplies outside of Canada
Devotedly Discus
Deltec Aquarium Solutions
Tetra U.K.
Anglia Aquatics
Hagen U.K.
Aquarian U.K.
World Wide Pet Supply - this link has been commandeered by another site, therefore it is disabled until it is operational again.

Links to pages of Fish Information
The Cichlid Room Companion   everything you need to know about cichlids
Fish Link Central                      a good place to start a search for general fish information
The Angelfish Society               all about freshwater angelfish
Fish Base                                 fish identification, excellant page !
International Betta Congress      all about fighting fish, Betta splendens
Loaches on Line                       all about loaches
International Fancy Guppy Association        all about guppies
Hobbyist Aqua Lab Conservation Project ( HALCP)
Aquarium Global Resource  temporarily unavailable
Tropica                             all about aquatic plants
The Goldfish Bowl            a pet store in the U.K., but full of info for fishkeepers
Angelfish Tank                  an angelfish enthusiast from the U.K.

Other Fishy Links

A number of aquatic websites that have been sent to me that I have not yet checked out and categorized

Aquarists Club of Newfoundland

If you would like to join this club, to meet other fish enthusiasts, or to tap into relevant information for your hobby, please send me an e-mail stating that you would like some info about the A.C. of N. and I will send you the membership information package.

For More Information on The Aquarist Club of Newfoundland please click HERE

By becoming a member you can also avail yourself of the many books and magazines that we have on hand that are related to this fascinating hobby.

For a complete list of books and other publications currently available to all members of The Aquarist Club of Newfoundland click HERE

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