Neon Tetra - Paracheirodon innesi

  Their water should be soft, clear and slightly acid, with a temperature between 72 and 76 F.
Their tank should be neatly planted with a dark gravel bottom to offset their flashy colours. They reach a maximum length of 1 1/2 inches, but the majority are one inch or less.
The shiny bluish green line is straight in males and slightly crooked in the egg-filled females. They are not fussy eaters, and will eagerly accept most fresh or freeze dried foods.
When attempting to breed this species, choose an attractively coloured pair which is over nine months old.
Condition on ample amounts of freeze dried foods. A five gallon breeding tank which is completely glass and dimly lit should be provided with several bunches of rinsed plants.
Water conditions are particularly important at this time. The water should be very soft, no more than 3 DH, acid (ph 6.5), with a temperature ranging about 73-74 F with the addition of two teaspoons of salt to each gallon. The tank must be kept clean and there should be light aeration. When the female has become swollen with roe, place the pair into the breeding tank. if their aren't any spawning activities within two days remove and condition them for a few more days.
Spawning consists of an active chase through the plant thickets. about 60 - 130 adhesive eggs are scattered throughout the tank. Remove the breeders when spawning is completed and cover the tank until the eggs hatch, since they are very sensitive to light. They hatch in about a day.
Keep them covered until about the fifth day when they are free swimming, then increase the light gradually. Feed them hard boiled egg yolk. Unfortunately the mortality rate is fairly high.

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