Welcome to my new Garden page

Below you will find the step by step process that transformed my flat,

weed infested piece of yard, into a colourful garden.

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This is a photo of the house taken in 1993. note the flat front lawn.

Digging the hole for the pond. This photo was taken in November 2003.

The hole for the pond.

Construction of the garden. This photo was taken in May 2004.

Building the front pond.

Planning the pathway.

Looking at the course of the new pathway.

Starting to build the pathway, using landscape fabric.

Filling in the path with sand, and adding soil to the beds.

Filling in the sand and soil around the entire path.

Doing the same at the bottom end of the garden.

As soon as the soil was in place the plants were put in and the next bit of the path and garden were then worked on.

This photo was taken in June 2004.

The young plants took very easily and grew quickly.

The plants started to fill in and the colours exploded.

This photo was taken in July 2004. No fertilisers or chemicals were used at all on this garden.

July 2004.

July 2004.

From inside the house it looked good too! Photo taken August 2004, four months after starting to make the garden!

This photo was taken in August 2004. It is hard to believe that there was no garden here four months earlier, and no plants even three months ago !

The Pond itself was five feet deep and crystal clear ( when we started ) the sunlight made it turn green occasionally.

Water Lilies in flower on the pond.

Jacob's Ladder ( in the foreground ) Water Lilies on the pond.

Rhubarb and Sweet Allysum at the water's edge.

The Garden in Flower.

Here are some of the Koi that are in the pond.

Koi, Goldfish, and Shubunkins are the inhabitants.

Another photo of the fish.

September 2004.

September 2004.

The Garden from the road, September 2004.

A Paeony in the garden.

Close-up of water Lilly in the pond.

Nasturtiums overhanging the pond.

A light dusting of Snow at Halloween.

The first Snow arrived at the end of October

To see photos of the plants and flowers grown in the garden

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