Pizza Delight

This tank was installed in April of 2003. It is 75 gallons, and stands in the foyer of the Pizza Delight Restaurant on Topsail Road in Paradise. It acts as a barrier between the front doors and the seating area of the restaurant.

The Filter system is a Fluval 404 which is hidden inside the cabinet under the aquarium ( the base of the aquarium having been drilled to allow the two pipes to be pushed through from underneath) as the Restaurant owners did not want the patrons children playing with any wires, pipes, filters etc from the tank.

The lights are worked on a timer, and an automatic feeder feeds these fish twice a day without the staff having to worry about it. I do maintenance on this tank once a week, which takes about 15 minutes ( and 30 minutes talking to the customers who watch and ask questions ).

This is a freshwater African Cichlid aquarium. The fish have already produced several batches of young since being introduced to this aquarium.


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