This set of photos shows the stages of the destruction of my front grass, and the creation of a pond and garden in its place. The entire process took one year from the digging of the hole to the growing of the garden. just choose from the photos at the top of the page and each image will be enlarged below. You will see how this plain yard was transformed.

first the hole was dug and the yew bushes moved. The hole was prepared to receive the liner and its underlay material. Large rocks ( taken from the excavation itself ) were used to hole the liner in place over the first winter. The pond was filled with water and fish were added before the water froze.

The excess material from the hole was moved and leveled. The design for the path was drawn out with sand on the garden before the garden fabric was put in place. the rest of the garden was covered with a double layer of newspaper and then a layer of good soil. The newspaper ( which in the space of one year will mulch down to become good earth ) smothers the weeds that were originally there without using any chemicals. the landscape fabric was then covered with sand and then stepping stones were pushed into it to make a firm path.

Into the layer of good earth both seeds and young plants were placed, making a garden that consisted of annuals, perennials, herbs, and other edible items like beetroot, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and rhubarb. The effect is a beautiful garden to look at, as well as one that is full of rich scents both day and night, and flowers all through the summer. It also produces vegetables, herbs and fruit that can be eaten as well.

Scroll through the photos and see for yourself what can be done in a place with harsh winters, cool wet springs, dry summers, and bad soil ( mostly rock !! ) and a lot of effort and determination as well as a little forethought and planning.