Sobey's Store

Lobster Tanks



   These Lobster Tanks, which are found in almost every Sobey's Grocery Store here, were made by Stark Enterprises in New York. On rare occasion that they need maintenance or repair both Stark and Sobey's call me in to do the job as they are no more than a large marine aquarium with chillers attached. They have all the usual marine filtration, an undergravel filter, a fluidised sand filter, a protein skimmer, filter wool, carbon filter bags, and a U.V. sterilizer. The main difference is that these tanks have chillers on them that keep the water temperature just above the freezing mark ( believe me I know....I have had plenty of it cascade all over me as I have had to change pipes beneath the machine ! ).

Below you will see photos of the regular "wool" filter ( x 2 ), the fluidised sand filter, the protein skimmer, and below that the U.V. sterilizer. ( the photo with all the pipes )