Socolofi ( Pseudotropheus socolofi )

This beautiful powder blue fish is endemic to the east coast of Lake Malawi in Mozambique. Apart from the three or four "egg dummies" on the anal fin and longer pelvic fins of the male , both sexes are very similar in colour, shape and size.

This species is territorial, but if enough room is given, will get along well with other fish. It also does not bother any plants in the aquarium.

The female incubates the eggs ( between 20 and 50 ) in her mouth, and takes care of her offspring again in her mouth for a period of about three weeks.

They like a water temperature of 25 - 28 C ( 77 - 82 F )

Socolofi like live food of all types, frozen foods, and flake foods.

These are good fish to have in an African Cichlid community tank.

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