Tilapia butekoferri



This is the Female                                                            This is the male



These two images are of the Tilapia Butekoferis laying eggs on either side of a partition.

Here you can see the eggs that have been deposited on the screen/partition.

There is very little known about the breeding of these fish in captivity.
These fish originate in Liberia, which is in Africa. They are not African Rift Lake Cichlids though. They like soft acidic water and a temperature of around 75 to 82 F. The latter during spawning time.
I took these fish out of an African Cichlid tank with a pH of 8.2 and lowered their pH to 6.4 over several days by changing their tank water with rain water. I also raised their temperature to 82 F and fed them on garden snails, which they happily crunched on. I also gave them lettuce, earthworms, cichlid pellets, flakes, shrimp, cucumber slices......but their favourite is still definitely snails, aquatic and land.

These eggs were unfortunately consumed by the female. She is now showing signs of spawning again soon.

Here is a mini video clip of these fish breeding.
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