Walking Catfish

Clarias angolensis

This fish can grow up to 14 inches ( 35 cm ) in length. It can devour a fish that is up to one third its own length, so be careful what tanks you place this monster in. It loves to eat fish, earthworms, shrimp, frozen foods, as well as flake food and pellets.

It is able to breathe atmospheric air, and thus is able to wander about on dry land for extended periods both in search of food and other ponds/streams etc.

It really needs a cave to hide in during the day as it is chiefly nocturnal. It does uproot all but the strongest and most firmly planted of all plants. it tolerates a wide range of pH from 7.0 to 9.0 and medium hard water to very hard water. Water temperatures between 23 and 28 C  ( 73 - 82 F ) are fine for this fish.

It has not yet been bred in an aquarium, and tends to be intolerant of others of its own kind.


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