Zebra Danios

Brachydanio rerio

    The Zebra Danio comes from the rivers of eastern India. Its habitat varies from the clean clear flowing waters of mountains streams, to the rather muddy larger rivers that slowly meander through the hot plains of that country. This means that they are able to adapt to many different environments, water temperatures and differing qualities of water as well with no ill effects. The best temperature range for them is definitely between 18-24 C (64-82F), but they are able to withstand both lower and higher temperatures than these. ( I have even known people who have had them in water that had a thin sheet of ice form on the surface, and although these fish appeared to be healthy and continued to live a normal life span after this, I do not recommend you subject these fish to these temperatures.)
    These very lively and peaceful fish are easily kept, and undemanding, and as such are a perfect fish for the beginner and a wonderful addition to any community tank. They do appreciate live food occasionally, providing it is small enough to fit in their mouths, as well as a flowing stream of water to play in.
    In the wild they travel in shoals, and therefore in the aquarium they should be kept in groups of not less than six fish, and the more you can properly accommodate the happier they will be.
    They are egg-laying fish, but have a notorious habit of eating their own eggs, and so although they are easy to breed few people ever find young fry in their tanks.
    This is usually one of the first fish kept by the aquarist, but it is well worth going back to later on if only to admire their agility and energy.

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