The Clifton House

This 35 gallon aquarium is in a private house. The owner has never had fish before this, and really never intended to have these ones either! He went to a Graduation Dinner and on each table there was a goldfish in a bowl as a form of decoration. At the end of the meal people were walking out and he asked what was going to happen to the goldfish. An announcement was made that if anyone wanted to take a goldfish home they could. He took one, and when the room had emptied there was still another left behind so he took that one too. Concerned for their welfare he phoned me and asked about the right size here is the outcome. the goldfish themselves have more than doubled in size and are now a part of his family......possibly even accompanying him on his imminent move to Alberta.

You can click on the images below to see them enlarged.

The tank and stand here are "Walmart Specials", but he has replaced the filter with an Aqua-Clear 200 which is a far superior filter system than the one that came with the aquarium.

There are some live plants in this tank......that is to say live plants keep getting added to this tank, but the goldfish rather like the salad bar so they dont last too long. Neither did the White Cloud Mountain Minnows that were also added to this aquarium !