Here you will find a list of plants. if you click on the photo or name it will take you to a page with a complete description of their requirements. From that page you can also go to see photos of aquariums I have used this particular plant in, and links to other plants used in the same aquaria.

Limnophila sessiflora - Ambulia  
Photo soon to follow
Apongeton madagascariensis - Madagascar Lace Plant
Hygrophila Polysperma  
Echinodorus amazonicus - Amazon Sword Plant
Hygrophila difformis - Water Wisteria  
Photo soon to follow
Nymphoides aquatica - Banana Plant
Photo soon to follow
Egeria densa - Brazilian Waterweed  

Microsorium pteropus- Java Fern
Hydrocotyle leucocephala - Water Pennywort  
Vesicularia dubyana - Java Moss
Hygrophila corymbosa  
Photo soon to follow
Anubias barteri
Vallisneria spiralis - Corkscew Vallisneria  
Ludwigia repens - Water Primrose
Photo soon to follow
Ammania gracilis  
Photo soon to follow
Myriophyllum aquaticum - Water Milfoil/Parrot's feather
Photo soon to follow
Bacopa caroliniana - Water hyssop      
More plant photos and information will soon be posted here.