The Parrell House

This house presently ( January 2004 ) has two aquariums in it.

The largest is a 90 gallon and is full of convict cichlids, ( pronounced "sick lids" ) the smaller tank is a 30 gallon and has a breeding pair of marble angelfish in it.

The photos on this page were taken before the present set-ups. On this page you see the 90 gallon aquarium as a beautifully planted community tank. Craig does not keep his tanks for long, losing interest and patience with them. In the short time I have known him ( approximately five years ) he has had a 130 gallon african cichlid tank, which he then changed to a saltwater tank. He then purchased a 50 gallon corner tank with Convict Cichlids, He sold that about three weeks later. He changed the 130 gallon for a 90 gallon and kept goldfish in it, a couple of months later he got a ten gallon tank for the goldfish and then purchased the 30 gallon tank which he turned into a community tank. The goldfish were given away and that tank was then heavily planted and changed into a community tank. Then he got rid of those fish and filled the tank with a school of juvenile marble angels. He then moved two of these angels into the then empty 30 gallon aquarium and gave the rest of the angels away filling to 90 gallon with Convict cichlids. He is now contemplating removing the convicts and changing it back to an african cichlid tank. This is why the photos on this page are not up to date.....I cannot keep up with the changes !!!!! ( sorry Craig, I tell it like it is ! )

So instead of trying to work it all out, just look at the photos of what these tanks HAVE BEEN in the past !

As I have a lot of photos of these tanks I have put them below as Thumbnails, if you want to see a larger image just click on the individual photos to enlarge them.