These Prices are guidelines only. They will vary according to the number and type of filters you have on your aquarium, and the distance you are from other customers of mine ( this will affect the gas and mileage bills ). For a price quote please phone me and I will visit the aquarium in question and produce a full quote for servicing that particular aquarium.

We  provide servicing / maintenance for aquariums in family homes, businesses, and public areas;

Maintenance includes changing of filter medium, and running tests on pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc. as well as weekly partial water changes.
we will also replace any freshwater fish that have died and that were originally purchased from us free of charge regardless of the age of the fish.
We will keep the owner of the tank(s) aware of any problems with their aquarium equipment, and advise when repairs or replacements are required.

Click here to see some photographs of some of the Aquariums I am presently servicing.


We do sell fish that we have reared locally. These change from week to week, so you will have to phone us for availability and prices.
We also have a very limited stock of aquatic plants. For more information please phone us.