As pages are built and added to this site you can click on the names of my clients in the photos to see information on their aquariums, and more photos of them. If there is no photo of their tank on this page, then the link has not yet been made.

List of Clients Tanks;     List of Clients Tanks;  
This is an African Cichlid Tank

Tropical Freshwater


  This is a Tropical, Freshwater community Aquarium
Benson Myles,     Summerhill Medical Clinic,  


  There are two aquariums at this house. one is a Tropical, freshwater community tank, the other is an angelfish tank.

The King House


The Kilgore house

Clarke's Beach



This is a Goldfish/Shubunkin coldwater pond  
Jungle Jim's ( C.B.S.)     This is a Tropical Freshwater community tank A new tank at the Ebsary household
      The Ebsary house  
This is a Coldwater Marine (saltwater) environment   This is a Tropical Freshwater community tank
Sobey's Lobster Tanks     The Maher house   
This is a Freshwater Tropical Community tank   Pictured is a Tropical Freshwater community aquarium
North East Avalon Community Futures Development Office,     The Parrell House, two tanks,  
The Fairmont Hotel,        
The Yetmans,     O'Neill Motors, ZeddComm,
Holy Cross Elementary School, Holyrood,      French Dunne and Associates, The Gilmore house
Battery Hotel,     Holyrood Public Library,  
Garden Ponds,     Garden Ponds,  

Two Families in Kelligrews,

Two ponds,


The Grouchy pond        
    This is NOT an Client of mine, but I was shown his garden and liked it so put it here.

the pond contains Goldfish and Koi


My own two ponds,     Yards R Us,  
Mrs Dunphy's Pond, Holyrood        
The Bishop's Pond     The Legge's  Pond  
The Hickey's Pond        
Previous Clients,     Previous Clients,  
This was a Tropical, Freshwater community tank   On this page are both coldwater and tropical community tanks
Royal Garage,     Akita Movers, two tanks,  
This is a Fresh, Coldwater tank   This is an African Cichlid Tank

Tropical Freshwater


The Clifton House,     Pizza Delight ( Topsail Rd )  
The Janeway Hospital;        
Cardiology,     Servco,  
Audiology,     Bishop Field School, St John's  
Out Patients,     The Barron house