The Ebsary House


This house contains a 50 gallon hexagonal corner tank on an attractive stand, as well as a new 66 galloon aquarium on a knotty pine cabinet which we built. They are both community tanks with a variety of tropical fish in them like Zebra Danios, Pearl Danios, the dreaded Blood Parrot, and the equally awful painted tetras. ( both Blood parrots and Painted tetras have been dyed to get their colours and the blood parrot is a totally man-made fish and as such is an abomination )

They had other fish in the first tank, like a black ghost knife and two clown loaches and a few others, but they all died as they were sold to them in poor health by an unscrupulous store.

The tank was dismantled, cleaned and set back up from scratch and is now totally planted with live plants and is slowly being restocked with fish.

Below are some other photos of this tank. If you want to see them enlarged just click on the individual photos.

The 66 gallon aquarium was set up on the 19th of November 2004 and will contain fish ( which at present the owner does not know about ) which will be beautiful. The tank is already well planted and has a substrate of # 1 silica sand.

Below are some photos we took while first setting up the aquarium. you will see the tank with just water in it, then some sand, then the rockwork and then some plants. Then you will see a temporary stocking of fish that will stay only for a few days until the Real Fish arrive. You can enlarge any of the photos below by clicking on them.